Setup and Usage

Setup and Usage

Service can be used on multiple platforms please continue reading for setup instructions for the different devices.


On the following devices:
Smart Phones
Smart Tvs


You can simply navigate through your browser to and login with the account details you created.


For installation on Kodi:


On your Main Screen below 'System' click on 'File Manager'.
Click on where it says 'none', and when the keyboard appears on screen type: and press done.
Below where it says 'enter a name for this media source' type:
.Husham Repo
Press ok to save the settings.


Next on your main screen click on 'system settings' and then 'Addons' and then 'Install from zip file'.
Next click on .Husham Repo and then click on the Husham Repo zip file.
Click install from repository
Select repo
Select video addons
select husham iptv




To login:
Right click on the husham iptv addon in the video addons and
Select 'Addon Settings' and enter the account details being sure to check spelling.
Press ok to save the settings.
Then just click on Hsuahm IPTV and start enjoying.


Pressing menu button on any highlighted channel allows you see upcoming schedule for that channel and also access the back catalogue of on demand programs.


For setup on Mag Box:
1. turn off your box and then turn it back on.
2. when you get to the "Loading" image, press your "set/setup" button on your remote. This will bring you to the "inner portal".
3. press your "set/setup" button again. The go to "Servers".
4. change "portal URL 1" to the new portal by pressing the "KB" button and typing the address
5. press the "KB" button again and press ok, then you will be returned to the previous screen.
6. goto "reload portal" and press ok when prompted.
7. Login with your account details


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